About the Blog

As a professional data analyst and a programming hobbyist, I find myself Googling (A LOT) to pursue an idea I have that I've never implemented before. But in the articles I come across, I often find dribble and hello-world-type programs that show only the very basics of something, and it's often no more than I would get from just reading some "getting started" doucmentation or an abstract.

That's not what I want! I want to be inspired - I want to see practical examples that walk me through the code. I want the content to be to-the-point, non-trivial, but also relatively thorough. That's the content I aim to provide here at partialdifferential.

I consider myself an intermediate programmer, so I made this blog in the hopes of acheiving the holy grail of programming "mastery". Being an intermediate, it can sometimes feel like being stuck in the middle; you've picked up some tools and become somewhat proficient (enough to have outgrown the hello-world-type articles and courses that proliferate the wild), but you still struggle with the more advanced stuff out there (how the hell do I make a REST API and integrate an authenication system?). There's hardly any content for this in-between. That's the gap I aim to fill with this blog.

I blog for pleasure and to solidfy my own understanding of the topics I cover, but, most importantly, I want to contribute meaningful and valuable content. My main goal is not necessarily to show "this is the best way to do x," but rather to inspire others through creative solutions. I hope you find it helpful and valuable!